Bread so good it’s drawn in the stars!

We believe that the strength of family and the power of the community are fueled by real, wholesome food and the knowledge of what’s inside of it.

ryan and kidsHealthy people make healthy families.  Healthy families make healthy communities.  Healthy communities make a healthy world.  It all starts with you.  Choose to know what’s in your food!

The Orion Bread Co. is proud to be located in the heart of Old Town Cottonwood on Historic 89A.  In the last six years we have watched Old Town grow from a quiet place with many empty buildings to a thriving place to wine, dine, dream and shop!  We are so excited to see the people of Cottonwood and all over the world fall in love with Old Town the way that we did back in 2007. 

Orion's Flour Garden Cafe

We are proud to welcome Orion's Flour Garden Cafe (formerly located next to the Old Town Center for the Arts) to The Orion Bread Company! We have partnered up to bring you all the delicious baked goods you have come to expect from both establishments, an expanded menu including breakfast and lunch, outstanding customer service, natural market items, locally roasted coffee and espresso....all under one roof! There's something for everyone, including those requiring gluten-free/vegetarian/dairy-free/vegan options.

Don't forget to check out The Old Town Beer Company next door and enjoy a cold craft beer with your lunch! See you soon!

What's in Your Bread?

Have you ever read the ingredient listing on a loaf of bread on the grocery store shelf?  It is common for dough conditioners, preservatives and sweeteners to be added to mass-produced bread.  Most of the time these artificial additives are put into bread to make it softer, sweeter or able to sit on the grocery store shelf for two weeks…and then on your shelf for another month.  At Orion Bread, we believe this is WRONG!

Did you know that all you need to make bread is flour, water, salt and yeast?*  The only additives you will see in our products are NATURAL and added only for taste and variety.  It is a common misconception that yeast needs sugar in order to rise.  Instead of adding unnecessary sweeteners to our bread, we use Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) as a catalyst for our yeast.  This also serves as a natural preservative, but doesn’t preserve it for more than a few days on your counter.  However, if you’d like to conduct a colorful science experiment, go ahead and leave it there for a month and see what happens! Check it out!

*Except gluten-free